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WordPress Maintenance Plans

WordPress Maintenance Plans

We Take Care of Your Website, So You Can Focus on Your Business

  • Daily off-site Backups
  • Core / Theme / Plugin updates
  • Downtime Monitoring
  • Quick Fixes
  • And much more…
WordPress maintenance Plan

Our Maintenance Features


We make sure your website stays safe, and secure and performs well by regularly updating WordPress core, theme, and plugin. Besides updating, we also install and activate necessary plugins and remove unwanted and unused ones.

Emergency Support

Our maintenance and support team is there if you have any issues regarding your website. You can reach out just by buzzing a mail and we’ll ensure your website runs smoothly.

Spam Filtering

Unwanted or unsolicited emails will make it difficult to find the emails you actually want to read and it also contains malware. We, make sure to keep spam away from your website, ensuring it is secured.

Uptime Monitoring

We’ll keep an eye on your website 24/7, making sure the website is always online. If any issues arise, we’ll fix them quickly.

Insight Report

You will receive regular reports about the maintenance we’ve done. Helping you to track your website progress and any changes you want to make on your site.


Backup is our first defense on any website. We’ll back up your website regularly. So, even if something goes wrong, you won’t lose your data and we’ll get back online in no time.

Malware Removal

We fully clean your Malware and other activity under our care and make sure that your sensitive information does not get stolen, gain unauthorized access, or disrupt or damage your systems.

Performance Monitoring

A major factor of any website is its page speed and its performance for a better user experience. so, We’ll make sure your website runs fast and provides a great user experience for your visitors, leading to more conversions.

Custom Maintenance Features

We offer you a custom maintenance service to give you flexibility, tailored to your website needs and requirements.

Our Maintenance Plans And Pricing

With our maintenance plan, you have a team of developers, technical experts, and project managers who will be working fully for you. With our white-label services, you don’t have to worry about your client’s website. We are here for you.

Why Us For Maintenance Services

Growing Your business with us is easy and stress-free.


We value your data confidentiality and we are ready to sign a non-disclosure agreement if you find to do so.


We work for you under your brand name. That means your customers will never know they are receiving maintenance and support from a third-party agency.


We analyze and provide you with a free consultation on what can we do better on your website and help you choose the right maintenance plan.


We understand, that your business may not be the same at all times. In some cases, If you want to cancel our maintenance plan anytime, you are free to choose.


We hide no secrets from you. You can look at all our workflow from the starting stage to the finish stage. If any plugin is to add or replace an existing one, we take your permission to do so.

24/7 support

We know, issues can arise at any time. We provide a round clock service so, if any issues arise we are there to fix it quickly.

Peace of mind

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your systems and services are in capable hands. We work for your site maintenance whereas; you focus on your core business objectives.

Get Support for All types of website

Our maintenance and support services Works for all types of Website. Whether you have a simple site or a complex site, we take care of it.

Basic Website

Ecommerce Webiste

Membership Website

LMS Webiste

WordPress Multisite

Any WordPress Builder


We’ve made our plans as flexible as possible – here are some commonly asked questions.

You’ve Got Questions. We’ve Got Answers.

How do I get started with my WordPress website maintenance plan?

To get started with maintenance plans subcribe the desired plan. Once selected you will be redirected to the checkout page where you need to make a purchase of your plan. Fill up the form and create the account with us. We will email you the further process depending upon you plan and requirement.

How do I send you my login credentials?

After you sign up with your website maintenance plans, you can securely share the website credentials you have created for us inside a reply to your welcome email just after you check out with all your login credentials.

How do I submit a support request?

You can simply open a ticket in our system and rest is on us.

What is your response time for a support request?

Basically the response time is 24 hours. Some times it may vary depending upon the volume of the ticket.

How do I submit an website change request?

You can simply send an email to outreach@whitelabelwp.io with the site URL and all details of the request. Or, you can login to our support ticketing system to place a support request and manage progress at whitelabelwp.io/support

Does the time for custom work roll-over if not used?

No, the time must be used during the month.

What if my custom work took more that the hours specified?

Updates taking longer than specified hours you will be billed in 15-minute increments at $100 per hour. You can request an estimate of time with your update and we will provide a total time to complete for your approval before beginning the work.

Can you support multiple websites?

Yes we support multiple websites.

Do you scan my website for malware?

We have a server side scanning tools and also the premium scanning tools. If that does not solve the issue we will check the sites manually and detect the malware and remove it.

What happens if my site goes down or gets hacked?

We will fix it, identify and resolve the vulnerability and get it back up and running ASAP.

Do you offer a refund if I’m not satisfied?

Monthly customers can cancel at any time by contacting us at support@whitelabelwp.com or our support ticket system; support.whitelabelwp.com.

Do you offer phone support?

We don’t offer phone support.  we’ve made customer service a huge priority here at White label WP and you’ll find our email support fast, effective and friendly!

There are plenty of WordPress care plan companies out there. Why should I work with you?

We offer 24/7 support. We are more than a decade years of experience.  Our online reviews, testimonials, and customer stories are phenomenal.