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Code Themes

Code Themes


  • Completely readymade themes
  • User Experience Design
  • User Interface Design
  • Fully responsive site
  • Affilate Programs
  • Secure payment gateway

Code Themes is a niche-focused WordPress Theme Shop that specializes in providing freemium and premium WordPress themes. Developed in 2015 by our group of web developers and designers, our company aimed to bridge the gap between theme developers and website owners seeking high-quality, customizable, and visually appealing and ready-made WordPress themes that help website owners with limited budgets and to meet the growing readymade theme demand.


Designing visually attractive themes with complex custom functionality while ensuring customer satisfaction brings likely challenges in readymade theme development. Also, with the marketplace crowded with competitors, it is difficult to find a unique selling product to stand out.

Our Approach

CodeThemes focused on creating unique and innovative themes marketplace that stand out from the competition. Special attention was given to design aesthetics and user experience, enabling website owners to make a strong impact with their online presence. We also provide a service to our clients with the option to customise features according to their preferences if they seek.
Also, the integration of the FastSpring payment gateway enhanced trust among users, resulting in increased sales.
We have implemented an affiliate program on our website, allowing anyone to sign up and become an affiliate and grab the opportunity to earn a commission based on your affiliations.


Codethemes solutions led to remarkable results. Our cost-effective development approach with competitive price for ready made themes with best quality targeting niches, increases customer satisfaction. We are able to sell our best product, among them RoboJob and RoboList becomes our demanding product.

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